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Ruhbaru Mental Wellbeing Session at IDSP

Ruhbaru relentlessly makes efforts to not only help individuals cope with mental health issues but also to cultivate an overall healthier mindset in the society. Working on the same ideology, Ruhbaru conducted a very interesting mental wellbeing session at IDSP with the midwives of Balochistan on 19th February 2021.

The aim of this session was to empower midwives of Balochistan by increasing their knowledge on mental wellbeing and to create a community of lay counselors that could cater to the rural population of Balochistan. The session focused on creating awareness on various psychological issues such as trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, and antenatal and postnatal depression, and how to deal with these at a basic level.

The session consisted of 17 beneficiaries from IDSP, including the midwives and the IDSP management. The introduction was given by the Ruhbaru Project Associate, Mahnoor Shah and Clinical Psychologist, Gul-e-Aqsa conducted the major part of the session which was divided into two parts i.e., theoretical and practical. Theoretical part was all about the basic education i.e. identification, causes and types of trauma, grief, anxiety, prenatal and postnatal depression. Under practical aspect, midwives were taught techniques of deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and basic counseling based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model

Ruhbaru takes great pride in the success of the mental wellbeing session at IDSP in terms of educating the midwives about prevalent mental health problems and ways to deal with them subsequently. The active participation and enthusiasm of the midwives definitely adds to the success of the session.

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