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Ruhbaru is a first-of-its-kind online platform that aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness by providing online counselling and therapy sessions and our partners shaking our hands to contribute to such a noble cause.

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Inspiring Stories!

“My counselor was extremely helpful, I learned a lot about myself own self and gained back the confidence that I had lost. I’m working and trying to learn behavioral skills to cope with my issues. My counselor listened to me and made me feel heard and accepted. I felt very comfortable in talking to her about my problems and she provided me with a safe environment to be myself. She helped me deeply in learning about my internal issues and helped me learn how to cope with them”

“My counselor handled my concerns very well and adequately. These sessions helped me get an insight of my inner issues and get to the root cause of the problems. I learned a lot of myself and a lot of behavioral coping skills, I learned how to be patient and I got in touch with all the skills I knew I had but forgotten about or couldn’t practice in real life”

“My counselor made sure my issues are heard and understood. I’ve never had anyone understand, why I had repetition and certain pattern in my issues and what I am actually trying to say, better than my counselor. I would also like to add that my counselor helped me a lot with my mental health”

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Helping Clients around the Globe

Our team ensures that you are connected to a counselor that is the best fit for you. We thrive on delivering effective and efficient mental health services, for we hope to provide an incomparable patient experience.


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An Initiative by Charter for Compassion Pakistan - Let’s Talk About Mental Health for All!

In today’s world, the emphasis on mental health has grown tremendously, which is evident from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition as well which states that it is “a state of complete physical...

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Sindh Mental Health Authority, Charter for Compassion Pakistan launch helpline for mental health issues

The state of mental health awareness and its services in Pakistan remains a big issue. As the statistics state that in Pakistan, over 15 million people are suffering from some form of mental illness.

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Careem, Ruhbaru Offering Mental Health Consultancy to Captains

World Mental Health Day is coming up in 2021 and Careem has partnered with Ruhbaru, a Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfCP) project that offers high-quality consultation and treatment...

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