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WonderTree & Ruhbaru- Envisioning A Better Future

Charter for Compassion’s project Ruhbaru was invited by WonderTree to conduct an online session to talk about “Learning Through Play.” WonderTree is an Edtech organization that creates virtual reality games, specially designed for the therapy, and learning of children with special needs. The session took place through an online portal called StreamYard on 20th November at 4 P.M, and was shared on Facebook to help masses understand how play in classrooms can help children learn, and how it can shape their personality for future.

The event was moderated by S. Bilal Rizvi, Director Special Projects WonderTree and the participants from CFC included Mahnoor Shah, Project Associate Ruhbaru and Maryam Mehboob, Manager Liaison and Engagement.

Play therapy has a lot of misconceptions attached to it, mostly related to its effectiveness. S. Bilal Rizvi talked about his experience with Virtual gaming and how it has helped children with special needs. While Mahnoor Shah and Maryam talked about CFC, why there are stigmas attached to Play therapy and, researches on Play therapy.

By the end of the session, both the parties answered frequently asked questions related to Play therapy, it’s role in shaping children’s personality, it’s effectiveness and the future and importance of Play therapy in Schools in Pakistan.

The session was a success and the interaction between the participants helped clear out misconceptions that are attached to Play therapy. Participants encouraged others to be a part of such sessions and also recommended to conduct such sessions more often and talk about mental health to help the community.