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Careem, Ruhbaru Offering Mental Health Consultancy to Captains

World Mental Health Day is coming up in 2021 and Careem has partnered with Ruhbaru, a Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfCP) project that offers high-quality consultation and treatment to all sections of society, to help raise awareness about mental health. Ruhbaru will provide mental health awareness workshops for Careem's employees and captains in Pakistan and offer telehealth counselling services to captains as part of the collaboration.

Participants learned about the significance of mental health in the workplace, as well as how to implement best practices to create a better work environment. Captains attended a training session where good road safety activities were instilled and methods to prevent road rage were explained in detail. Also discussed were methods to enhance mental well-being, how to identify depression early on, and how to deal with it when it occurs.

A specialised hotline operated by Ruhbaru in partnership with the Sindh Mental Health Authority will offer a telehealth service to Careem Captains throughout Pakistan (SMHA). Using this service, captains from all over the nation may consult with a varied group of highly trained professional psychologists on-the-spot.

Careem Pakistan's Country General Manager, Zeeshan Baig, stated: "Mental well-being is probably one of the most essential things to keep a watch on while moving ahead with one's life. I can't overstate how important this is. To assist our Captains and Colleagues, we have partnered with Ruhabru. We hope they make the most of this opportunity.

Charter for Compassion Pakistan's Chief Executive Director, Zareen Qureshi, said: "Charter for Compassion and Ruhbaru is pleased to announce the formal collaboration with Careem. "By working together, Ruhbaru and CfC can establish a safe environment for workers and captains by offering mental health awareness workshops and counselling services, as well as reach out to individuals all across Pakistan"