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An Initiative by Charter for Compassion Pakistan - Let’s Talk About Mental Health for All

In today’s world, the emphasis on mental health has grown tremendously, which is evident from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition as well which states that it is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. As the focus finally begins to shift on mental health and well-being, we can see that different countries where mental health was seen as a taboo, now also talk about it.

The state of mental health awareness and its services in Pakistan remains a big issue. As the statistics state that in Pakistan, over 15 million people are suffering from some form of mental illness. However, only a small percentage of the people suffering from a mental health condition are able to seek the proper help they need. This is mostly due to the social class differences and general awareness regarding where one can seek the proper help they need; leaving the most vulnerable groups susceptible to mental health conditions that could have a good prognosis, but the failure to seek help on time tilts the scale for them.

These groups include rural areas, children who are out of school, underserved communities, slums in urban settings, and people who are constantly exposed to violence and extremism in the country. Therefore, keeping in mind the social and class barriers that are wide in Pakistan, Charter for Compassion (CfC) Pakistan initiated its project “Ruhbaru” that provides mental health awareness and counseling to all segments of society. Through Ruhbaru, CfC aims to raise awareness on mental illnesses, help break the stigmas associated with them, and empower individuals to understand and manage their mental health through the support and guidance of qualified professionals.

However, Ruhbaru just doesn’t go and talk about these issues with the people, we ensure that these communities have easy access to counseling and therapy. Our services are available to these via telephone, video and in extreme cases in person as well. Our platform ensures 100% privacy of all the clients who seek mental health help from us and we provide them with the best psychologists available to deal with their problems.

Furthermore, Ruhbaru also has a strong referral system in place. For we are all about forming partnerships with different institutes and organizations that also cater to mental health. Ruhbaru is currently in collaboration with the Sindh Mental Health Authority, Trauma Release and Wellness Centre, and universities that have renowned psychology departments. Our referral system ensures that the people who need help beyond Ruhbaru’s existing capacity get the help they deserve one way or another.

Ruhbaru’s journey has just started and is full of interesting developments, however, the mental health project by Charter for Compassion Pakistan can proudly state that it has managed to help 3000+ people from different parts of Pakistan, belonging from various social classes who needed a place to talk and heal.

Therefore, if you feel you or anyone close to you needs mental health support but cannot access that support due to various reasons, we at Ruhbaru will always be there to lend you a hand. For more information regarding our services or to register for a counseling session with us, you may visit our website or message us at 0333 3337664.